In 1930, after the economic crisis of 1929, the founder Oscar Hetu, opened a bakery of cookies and local candies in his name, located in the back of his house in Verdun. The company was then run by his nephew Henry Lavallée, who, with his seven brothers, opened 45 stores in Montreal.

Over the years, these stores have closed or moved. The selection was gradually enriched by imported products, which was not available 50 years ago. In fact, their customers today are very open to discover things from other countries.

Today is the third generation to run two bakeries on Ontario Street and St. Hubert in Montreal. Always belonged to the Lavallée family, the shop on Saint-Hubert belongs to the sons of André Lavallée (brother of Jacqueline Lavallée), and the one on 3755 Ontario Street East, that André Lavallée was formerly owner, is now run by Daniel Simard who became owner in 1986.


Since 1955, Oscar Bakery in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve offers a selection of more than 100 kinds of cookies and 300 different candies, the third of these products are imported. You can choose between Danish cookies, Swiss and Belgian chocolates, English maple taffy and candies of the old times that are found nowhere else. Most products are in bulk, just like old times, which allows you to choose the candies as you desire and the amount you want.

You will discover a wide variety of gelatine candies, hard and fine chocolates. You may also make provision of nuts with salt or not, some of them with butter and other with barbecue flavour. Seasonal and holiday products are also available for Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Easter. Indeed, a variety of more than 100 kinds of chocolate milk 70% black and white will surely please the sweet tooth of Easter chocolates hunters!

The vast selection of sweets and candies will allow you to offer Corporate Gifts or even a candy bar to your guests at your special events.

The store also attracts people with diabetes and those who care about their health. Indeed, you can discover at Oscar Bakery organic candies, without sugar, gluten free and lactose free. There are wafers Voortman sugar free with chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavour, as well as graham crackers ginger or fudge, and all with no sugar!